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Direct Sales Scripts

Tupperware Script
Donated by Tanya Tucker

"Hi, ________, this is ______ w/ Tupperware, do you have a minute? (wait for response) Listen, I know this is a shot in the dark but I'm working on my Tupperware business trying to make some extra money for the upcoming holidays and I need your help. If you could please help me out by hosting a Tupperware party you'll earn lots of free and exclusive discounted products plus be able to get together and have fun w/ a few of your friends. I'm offering a few different types of parties right now like a candy making demo, microwave cooking class, kitchen organization or holiday gift giving parties. Which one do you think you and your friends would be most interested in? (wait for response) Great. I have Tuesday the 29th or Sat. the 2nd available. Which one works for you? Great. Do you have a friend who would be interested in doing a double host party with you? You'll get credit for her dating and holding her party eventhough it will be held at the same time and place plus it's a lot more fun when you have someone to buddy up with. You clean the house and she brings the refreshments or whichever way works best for you."

Now, set a date to party plan in person!!!! Don't forget to ask her if she could use some extra holiday cash for herself.






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